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I began my spiritual journey for ultimate truth when I were born to a devout Buddhist Laywoman in Saigon in 1972 and at the age of six my mother gave me to the Buddha.

My mother passed away when I was sixteen years old and I was of age to be conscripted into the war between Vietnam and Cambodia. I escaped in the bottom of a fishing boat to a refugee camp in Thailand without the rest of my six siblings and then eventually made it to the United States where I took art classes primarily because I couldn’t speak English and communication through imagery was easier for me.

Through my photography, I continued my search for ultimate truth as a way to stay close to the humble and giving woman that nurtured and guided me along this sacred path from the moment I were born.

Solo Exhibition:

2010 Dib Gallery, New York, USA.

2009 “Present Moments” John Erdos Gallery, Singapore.

2006 “Footsteps Across Asia” John Erdos Gallery, Singapore.

2004 “Impermanence” Thomas Werner Gallery, New York, USA.

2003 “Portraits of Peace” John Erdos Gallery, Singapore. 

2001 “Faces of Faith” John Erdos Gallery, Singapore. 

2000 “Faces of Faith” Jameson Whyte Gallery, New York. 

Group Exhibition:

“The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama”


UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History, Los Angeles, CA June 11 – September 10,2006
Loyola University Museum of Art, Chicago, IL October 28 – January 15, 2007
Rubin Museum of Art, New York, NY March 3, 2007 – September 4, 2007

“Family Defined: an Aesthetic Collaboration Among Alice Austen, Tri Huu Luu, John P.Naughton and the Public”
Alice Austen House Museum, Staten Island, New York
October 20 – December 31, 2005

“The Invisible Thread: Buddhist Spirit in Contemporary Art” http://www.snug-harbor.org/newhouse/invisible.html
Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, StatenIsland, New York

September 28 – February 29, 2004

Auction Exhibitions

9th Annual Friends of Friends Photography Auction Benefiting Angkor Hospital forChildren http://www.fwab.org/Pages/engindex.htm
Philips de Pury & Company, New York, NY December 13, 2005
8th Annual Friends of Friends Photography Auction

Benefiting Angkor Hospital for Childrenhttp://www.fwab.org/auction%202004/Group%206/Pages/095.HTM MetropolitanPavillion
December 7, 2004 


“Such a casual man, but so many auras” by Kay Larson – New York Times, Sunday June 11th 2006. 

“A poetry of transience” by Joseph McElroy – Shambhala Sun, March 2004.

“Study and Laughter: Portraits of temple life” by Peter Alsop – Tricycle Magazine, summer 2003. 

“Pictures speak of peace” by Shahida Ariff – The Straits Times, Singapore December 2nd 2002.


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